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Certified & Notarised Translation

One-stop hassle free certified translation plus notarised services to help your citizenship, PR, and work pass applications to ICA and MOM.

Type of Documents:
Birth Certificates • Marriage Certificates • Divorce Paper/Decree Nisi • Academic Transcripts • Driving License • Any other ID or official document required by the Government

Fast and easy. Just send us your document and we will do the work. Your personal documents intended for our translation purpose will be kept confidential.

Document Translation

Deliver high quality translation for your business needs. We are devoted to offer translation services that exceed customer expectations. We assure you that our translated documents are well-written, carry the meaning and the tone of the original text, while still remaining culturally sensitive and appropriate to your target audience.
We specialise in translating the following subject matters of these document:
Engineering • Finance • Education • Marketing • Advertising • Law and many others

Type of Documents:
Engineering Design Document • Technical Manuals (Training, O&M, T&C) • User Manuals or Installation Guide • Financial Reports • Business Letters • Emails • Legal Contracts and MoU • Brochures and Catalogues

We respect and value your privacy as much as you do. All documents intended for our translation purpose will be kept confidential.

24hrs Express Service

1 page of Chinese/Malay/Japanese document to English translation

Completion within 24 hours upon receipt of payment.

Ideal for translating personal ID/certificate, academic transcripts and graduation certificate for government/immigration application, educational institution’s admission purposes, or job-seeker submitting a job application.

Editing, Proofreading & On Site Translator

What can we help? Revision of the translation to your required target language. Includes the correction of language errors, typos, misuse of local terminology, omissions/additions, and mistranslation.

Our on site translator services, can be scheduled by appointment. Click here to schedule for an appointment.

Why us? Because we take pride in what we do and deliver only the best.

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