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Interview Transcription Services Singapore

When was the last time you watched an interview? Did it have captions? If that’s the case, someone likely used a company that offers Interview Transcription Services.

People conduct interviews for many different reasons. Some of the most popular types of interviews that are sent to interview transcription services include TV interviews (particularly interviews for news programs), academic interviews (for instance, a professor conducting field research might conduct interviews in order to recognize specific trends) and oral history interviews (in an oral history interview, a person is asked questions about their life and their family’s history in order to capture details for posterity). Once people have conducted an interview, many decide it is important to have their interview transcribed. There are three primary reasons people make this decision:

1. Interview Transcription Services – Insight

It’s very difficult to recognize and understand every last detail of an interview until you can pour over the transcript. Not only is it useful to be able to review what was said simply because increased exposure leads to better understanding, but because, in trying to understand what was said and perhaps purposefully not said (i.e. “reading between the lines”), it so important to be able to examine the text at your own pace. Additionally, with an interview transcript, you can even run sophisticated text analysis software on the transcript that will tell you which words are the most popular, at which grade level the interviewee speaks, whether or not the interviewee might be obfuscating (purposefully withholding the truth), etc.

2. Interview Transcription Services – Increased Traffic from Search Engines

While adding recordings of audio interviews to your website is a great way to boost user engagement, those recordings and other audio files cannot be indexed by search engines, because search engines do not know what they contain. Of course, you can add text descriptions to your website’s audio files, but those alone are still insufficient. In order to ensure that the content of your interviews can be indexed by search engines, you will need to post text transcripts from a company that offers interview transcription services to your website. Search engines will then crawl your website and send traffic to your site, as people search for keywords contained within your interviews.

3. Interview Transcription Services – Accessibility

Audio versions of interviews are not a viable means of communicating information to the segment of the population that is hard of hearing. To ensure that your content is accessible to as many people as possible, it’s crucial that you provide transcripts of interviews from a company that offers interview transcription services to your visitors.

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